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Planned Eric Owen Moss Venice Project is Scrapped*

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We're late to getting to this news, but for anyone who was wondering about that Eric Owen Moss project planned for Venice and Lincoln boulevards, well, developer Group III Investments has canceled plans to build the green-fringed condominium building. "They didn't like the height," said Group III's Fred Mir, referring to neighborhood concern about the project. "Concern" may not be a strong enough a word--it sounds like the community really didn't like the project. Among other things, Mir says the community objected to his description of the project as a "gateway to Venice." Overall, the Beverly Hills-based developer, who decided to scrap the Moss building shortly after an August neighborhood council meeting, sounded fairly discouraged when we spoke with him this afternoon. "I'll give them what they want," he said. "Five thousand square feet of retail." And speaking of the Moss project, he added: "It was one of those projects that would have made a huge statement." It was an interesting building, although there was concern about the lack of setbacks (and Curbed commenter Woosley wondered if the building had psoriasis). Anyway, Venice wins another round. UPDATE*: A spokesperson for City Councilman Bill Rosendahl's office confirms that while Rosendahl liked the affordable housing part, the councilman also didn't support the project. Which basically kills it.
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