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Frederick Fisher and Partners' Annenberg Building at Caltech Opens

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Hey, remember REX's crazy-ass design for Caltech's Walter and Leonore Annenberg Center for Information Science and Technology? In July 2007 we heard it described as a wolf in sheep's clothing, in which the sheep was high quality office space and the wolf "promot[ed] intra-building and intra-IST interaction, both intentional and serendipitous." Don't bother trying to figure that out because it never happened. A few months later, ground broke on Frederick Fisher and Partners' design for the building, and it opened a few weeks ago. The 46,000 square foot building will be "home to interdisciplinary research and instruction that address the growth and impact of information as it relates to all scientific and engineering practices," according to the school's release. The architects' site describe the building as "balancing the technically refined, steel and glass curtain-wall system, environmentally innovative mechanical systems and poetically subtle site-specific color palette." Ok, but what Aesop's Fable would you compare it to? The Chronicle of Higher Education points out that, incidentally, Christopher Hawthorne asked last month if Fisher was the anti-Thom Mayne (Mayne's Cahill Center opened at Caltech in January).
· Caltech Opens "Green" Building Offering New Opportunities in Information Science [Caltech]
· Frederick Fisher and Partners [Official Site]


1200 E. California Blvd., Pasadena, CA