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Soho House Loses Plan For Pool, Silverton Likes Burgers, Bouchon Opens In BH

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The latest dish from Eater LA, Curbed's hedonistic eating and drinking blog...

WEST HOLLYWOOD: Eater updates us on the incredibly slow progress of Soho House (pictured) atop the Luckman Building on Sunset (and after plenty of neighbor opposition). According to Eater, plans for a rooftop pool have been nixed, which means the Soho House in New York has a pool, and LA's won't. What a turvy topsy world.

BEVERLYGROVE: Is there nothing Nancy Silverton can't do? After conquering bread and pizza, she has set her sights on burgers. Nancy and business partner Amy Pressman plan to take over the Du-Pars space at the Farmer's Market and convert it into a burger joint. Expect it to open next summer.

BEVERLY HILLS: Foodies have had their knickers in a twist over this one for months. Thomas Keller's Bouchon finally opened this week, with Bar Bouchon slated to open mid-December.
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