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MacArthur Park Gentrification Watch? Westlake Theatre Plan Moves Forward

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We don't know who they're kidding with that East Coast-looking rendering, but the Community Redevelopment Agency sent out a press release this afternoon noting that yesterday the agency approved a plan to began negotiating with developer to Millennium Westlake, LLC, to rehabilitate the Westlake Theatre. Via the release: "Millennium will have up to 15 months to come up with a plan to convert the 1926 theater – currently used as a swap meet – into a multi-use entertainment venue for theater, film, music and community and social events. The project would also include creation of 49 units of affordable housing with a 300-space parking garage." Plans to refurbish the theater, part of the larger Westlake Recovery Redevelopment Project, were first talked about way back in February 2008.
· Mixed-Use Development Planned For MacArthur Park Area [Curbed LA]