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Large Dogs Awaiting Outcome in Los Feliz Lawsuit

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The Los Feliz Ledger covers the battle over Indie, a 12-year-old golden retriever who lives in the Los Feliz Towers. Indie and her owner, Shannon Van Dorn, currently lease a unit in the building, but moved in unaware of the 25 lb dog limit rule (apparently Van Dorn's landlord never told her). The Los Feliz Homeowners Association has sued to get the dog, who weighs 75 lbs, out of the building. In response, Van Dorn, an attorney, has counter-sued. Via the Ledger: "In her suit, Van Dorn cites California Civil Code section 1360.5 that specifically allows a condominium owner to keep one of “any” dog, cat, bird or fish subject to reasonable rules and regulations of the association. Van Dorn claims that the statute has not been challenged since it was implemented by the California Legislature in January 2001 and a ruling in this case may set a precedent for renters across the state." It seems that she has the support of at least some other neighbors in the building. "Resident Joe O’Leary tells the paper that "he and his wife are planning to get a large dog if Van Dorn succeeds with her countersuit."
· Dog Fight at “The Towers” [Los Feliz Ledger]