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Rent Check: Malibu's "Eagle Watch" Available

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Architect Harry Gesner may not be a household name, but you know his work. His unique buildings dot the Malibu landscape, and one of his most famous is "Eagle's Watch." The house was built for the late Orlando J. Aliberti in 1955, and has a private incline elevator, "so rare that it had to be shipped in from Italy." The house is sometimes known as the "Viking House" or the "Boat House" or the "Pagoda House" but it's official name is "Eagle's Watch." The original structure was destroyed in the 1993 Malibu fires, only to be rebuilt by Gesner in 1997. The three-story, three-bedrom house is concrete and reinforced steel, with marble and wood imported from Italy and features a jacuzzi tub, a fireplace in the living room, and views of the ocean, canyons and garden. The house was originally listed for rent for $20,000 and has dropped a bit. Monthly rent: $15,000.
· $15000 / 3br - Famous Malibu Landmark for Rent [Craigslist]