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Larchmont Residents Picketing Restaurant, Protesting Landlord Mizrahi

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Things are getting ugly on the peaceful yuppie retail strip that is Larchmont Blvd. Eater reported last week on the controversy surrounding the opening of the Larchmont Bungalow, a cafe that has a "take-out" license, but has been operating as a regular restaurant (with valet!). Protesters (calling themselves "I Love Larchmont Blvd") have taken to the streets with picket signs and last week Councilmember Tom LaBonge weighed in as well, citing the eatery for not complying with the Q Conditions adopted in 1996 to ensure the Blvd gets a mix of retail and restaurants. According to the Larchmont Chronicle, picketers have asked for a neighborhood boycott until the owner complies with the law. Why all the fuss about a couple of tables and chairs? What is this really about? We hear there are two forces afoot. One, a fear of increased traffic, natch. And two, a neighborhood that fears that real estate investor Albert Mizrahi, whose purchase of four buildings on Larchmont rankled locals, will turn their street into the next Robertson Blvd - with national chains, D-list celebrities and paparazzi. Thus far, there haven't been any Lindsey Lohan sightings that we know of but Mizrahi has raised rents (local businesses, including Larchmont Hardware, Larchmont Village Jewelers and Melissa Levinson Antiques, have all since left). Some local residents have told Curbed they feel if Mizrahi were willing to work more honestly with the community, there wouldn't be picketers. In the meantime, neighborhood protesters will just have to get their fancy sandwiches from Larchmont Village Wine Spirits & Cheese. [Photo via Larchmont Chronicle]
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