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CurbedWire: Circuit City Rave? West End Throws Itself a Party

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SILVER LAKE: A reader wants to know why the old Circuit City parking lot has filled up with cars. Is everyone getting on the spaceship without us? "Hey - what's with all the cars parked in the old Circuit City parking lot over on Sunset in Silverlake. The lot is full! And they don't look like dealership cars. I feel like we're missing out on something big, like a secret rave. Thanks!" [Curbed InBox]

MARINA DEL REY: That KOR/CityView project, WestEnd, is having a big shindig on Saturday, Nov 7th, to celebrate sales at the building (according to the press release, nearly 80 units of the 119 have sold). The event will be held from 11am-4pm. It really sounds like a party. There's a DJ, as well wine, beer, cheese, and food pairings, according to the release. CityView Executive Chairman and Former HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros will be there, so we doubt they'll be stingy on the wine refills. [Curbed InBox]