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West Hollywood Sunset Strip Museum Rocks On

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The plan to memorialize the Sunset Strip's musical legacy with a museum will move a baby-step closer tonight, reports the WeHo News. The paper says the West Hollywood City Council is set to approve the first stage ("identifying of marketing, themes and concepts") in a four-pronged feasibility study that could bring the museum to fruition by 2014. Looks like the Council wants to jump past the second stage (a physical study concerning renderings and floor plans would be pushed back "until financial and stakeholder buy-in and the economic impact studies are conducted"), to start the third phase, which focuses on financial issues involving opening the museum. The group performing the study—Economic Research Associates—wants to include the public and nonprofit organizations more in the discussion (the nonprofits for money reasons), as well as add $5,000 to the $15,000 price tag on the third phase. The fourth phase would "project revenues, expenditures off-site which are related to the project, direct, indirect, and induced economic impacts." No word yet on where the museum would set up shop, but the planners want to include space for live performances, a retail establishment, and a restaurant to sell booze and food.
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