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Wheel Squeal Considered, Santa Monica Votes for Hybrid Yard

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Whenever the second phase of the Expo Line opens, there'll be three stops in Santa Monica: 26th Street and Olympic Boulevard, 17th Street and Colorado Avenue and, Fourth Street and Colorado. A light rail maintenance yard also needs to go up as part of the line, and today's The Argonaut reports that the Santa Monica City Council voted to back a recommendation to use a Verizon facility on Exposition Boulevard and part of a Santa Monica College parking lot for the site of the maintenance yard. Metro has the final say on the placement of the facility, but the proposed location has roiled some neighbors. Concessions have been made: A city official tells the paper that the "new planned location had been redesigned to eliminate 'wheel squeal' from the train and a car wash and cleaning platform would be relocated north of the Verizon property. A 110-foot sound barrier is also proposed to reduce noise from the train and the light rail yard." Meanwhile, there's also talk of methane gas. According to members of the Stewart Park neighborhood residents, "levels of methane gas near the proposed location were higher than previously reported," which has resulted in Council members promising to look into the issue.
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