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Like Everyone Else, San Pedro's Multicultural Man is Downsized

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Via the Daily Breeze
The Daily Breeze has the latest on Multicultural Man, that statue given to Los Angeles by our sister city in Italy. You'll recall that Multicultural Man had some parents worried because the statue was reportedly big in the pants, and people were freaking out that their children would be scarred for life if they saw a well-hung naked statue. You can see the actual statue here. Well, three important updates: There's a new pedestal planned (seen above), the statue will go up (no date set) on the south end of the water fountains on San Pedro's promenade, and Multicultural Man isn't quite the man everyone made him out to be. The San Pedro resident responsible for getting the statue to the city tells the paper: "It's not a big deal. It's not even 2 inches."
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