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Larry King at the Carlyle, Where's the Parking Site?

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WILSHIRE CORRIDOR: The marketing team behind the newly-constructed Carlyle Tower have to sell out the 78-unit tower, so they're amping up the sales efforts. Today they sent out a press release announcing "celebrity resident" Larry King and "the country's leading real estate brokers" would attend a December 5th event. Additionally, they released a video which seems to imply the Carlyle has floating capabilities. [Curbed InBox]

LOS ANGELES: A reader writes in: "Last night, I had to park a few blocks away fom my apartment in Beachwood and I stupidly forgot to note the street cleaning schedule. So this morning, as I lay in bed, wondering how quickly I need to rush out those 3 blocks to check if my car was ok, I tried in vain to find some information about street cleaning schedules online. Absolutely nothing. In fact, looking at the city parking dept's website conspicuous omissions, I got the strange feeling that they actually like to keep this information to themselves to maximize revenue. Nah...So my question is: Why is there no open-source project to collect and publish parking rules for all the streets in the city?.... It would be a great service to the many millions of residents and visitors who don't have parking spots, and people would be able to check out parking conditions before arriving at a new destination." [Curbed InBox]

The Carlyle Residences

10776 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA