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LA Eastside Prank Ruffles Metro's Feathers

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The LA Eastside had a little fun at Metro's expense recently, when they published a post featuring fake safety signs for the new Gold Line Eastside Extension. Besides "Heads Up, Fool," there was "trucha!" (Spanish slang for "look out!"), "wacha for el tren, ese," and "aguas guey" (??). Now, they weren't posted outside, but Metro took a bit of umbrage on their blog, The Source. Writes Fred Camino: "While the signs are obviously fake, not everyone is in on the joke, including many of the people leaving comments on the L.A. Eastside blog and other Metro riders who stumbled upon the blog during their internet searches. Metro has received calls and emails from customers who are understandably insulted by the signs... The bloggers over at LA Eastside would do right by their readers and community by informing them that the signs are indeed a hoax. No one at Metro thinks we’re above criticism — but we would like to be criticized for things we’ve actually done." The LA Eastside post remains unchanged.
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