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Angelyne Hates Gentrification? Bottle Blond Sues CRA

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Don't F with Angelyne: the original Paris Hilton is suing the Community Redevelopment Agency for allegedly reneging on its deal to forward her mail, reports LA Observed. This all started years ago when the CRA took control of the blighted Hollywood and Vine parcel to make way for a huge development anchored by the soon-to-open W Hotel and Residences. Angelyne had an office (LAO says home, but we don't believe that's the case) near Selma and Vine; the CRA paid the billboard star $89,000 to relocate, and said they'd forward her fan mail to a P.O. Box in Beverly Hills. Angelyne says she hasn't been getting all of her fan mail and is now suing for $500,000. To be fair, Angelyne makes much of her income from requests for autographed photos and memorabilia. Nonetheless, The Hollywood Reporter called the suit "a hilarious, $500,000 breach of contract lawsuit against the Community Redevelopment Agency."
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