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Million Dollar Listing Recapped, Ep 6: Good Staging

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This is episode six in the sometimes real, mostly fictitious world of Bravo's Million Dollar Listing. What incredibly scripted adventure will Josh Flagg get into this week? Will Chad Rogers' hair run off with Starla the chihuahua? Will Madison Hildebrand drive his black or white BMW this episode? Or maybe both?

This episode, Chad Rogers takes a co-listing with local realtor Rob in the lovely beachside community of Corona del Mar in Orange County. After a quick visit to the sandy beach outside the home, Chad lists the 3,300 sq. ft., 3 bed/5 bath home at $9.5 million. Comps don't lie! The home is undergoing minor renovations, causing some minor drama about the home's readiness by the the time of the brokers open house. At the last minute, Chad decides to delay the open house in order to properly stage the home. This must be a new thing in Orange County as poor co-lister Rob looks absolutely befuddled. Stage whaaat?? Chad offers to contact a professional stager that he's worked with before. The staging lady, Patricia, and her immovable face call Chad while he is on his romantic getaway with Victoria and their dog, forcing Chad to depart from the life-coach approved vacation. Victoria is perturbed that Chad keeps putting business ahead of her. Later, Patricia the stager shows up and throw a bunch of pillows, chairs and couches around for $30k. It looks homey. Chad karate chops pillows and the home is open for business. For the broker showing, Chad gets a cake decorated with a picture of the house and a frosting representation of himself. No sale by episode's end.

Madison Hildebrand takes a listing in Malibu's Bonsall Canyon from his friend Kimberly. The 10,000 sq. ft. home is actually kind of spectacular, with a detached studio space, high ceilings, 3 bed/ 3.5 bath, rolling glass doors, all on 1.3 acres. Kimberly hates the idea of letting go of the house for under $5 million, so she takes Madison's advice to wait out the down market by leasing out the property for $20k/month instead. At Madison's showing, an entourage of motorcycle riding hard core rock n' roll types arrive to what sounds like the theme to the original Beverly Hills 90210 (the funky guitar part that Brian Austin Greene does the 80s dance to in the opening credits). The pack leader, Ruth, laughs at Madison when he claims to be bisexual announces the leasing price, but she appears to be intrigued by all the studio space, perfect for her hard core garage band lifestyle. Instead of giving Madison the beatdown he deserves, Ruth and her entourage counteroffer with $14k/month. Kimberly accepts the offer after Madison convinces her that the home will be well taken care of and there is the possibility Ruth will buy the house later on. Good job, Madison.

Josh Flagg gets this episode's listing from a friend - a "very private Hollywood producer." The 2,725 sq. ft home, located above Sunset on Collingwood Place, is a complete tear down. The only redeeming quality is the view of downtown and Hollywood. Josh lists the home for $6.5 million, because the view is worth it and the client can wait out the horrible economy so he can afford to be unrealistic. Josh decides that in order to properly show the home he needs to ignore the house and focus on the view. He also needs to drain the pool, which leads us to this episode's moment of creative writing. Josh shows up to the house in order to have the pool drained. He arrives to the home driving a car we've never seen before (where's the Porsche??), discovers his key to the home's gate doesn't work and then loses his phone. So he sits on the car waiting for something. Huh? But then his grandma calls and he easily finds the phone in the back seat. Fuck us, this is awful. And then the pool guy shows up and drains the pool down the hillside. Haha. Josh shows the house to a few potential buyers and his parents. By episode's end, he enters into fake negotiations with the fake buyers' agent on the side of Mulholland, as the two agents sit in their cars. The fake buyers low-ball with their first offer but Josh brings them up to a price his seller can agree to. The two agents, still sitting in their cars, shake on an offer of $6 million and then both drive off. Sold! Oh wait, the home is still on the market in case any of you are interested. In a subplot, Josh doesn't have a brain tumor.


Chad Rogers: Chad's hair is once again slowly swallowing his face. And we had such hope that his face could hold it off.

Madison Hildebrand: One of the guys in Ruth's entourage is Mad Mike from MTV's Pimp My Ride. He's even wearing his Galpin Motors shirt.

Madison Hildebrand: Speaking to Ruth:"The price is $20,000 for both structures..." Ruth: "What? You're fucking kidding me."

Chad Rogers: In a toast, made to Victoria and the dog: "To my two favorite girls in the whole wide world... for understanding I had to leave today...and I have to say that business comes first."

Josh Flagg: Josh's very normal parents show up to Josh's listing and tell him to get back on his meds.

Josh Flagg: From Josh's most recent blog posting on Bravo's Million Dollar Listing web site: "I am sitting in the living room of my room in New York right now, looking out over Central Park. I am on the 52nd floor and boy is it gorgeous up here. I am here with Colton and my business partner Brendan. Signing out for now." And we think we have confirmation of Joshy's little boyfriend. Pictured here. How sweet.

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