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Silver Lake Library Opening, Young Architects Competition

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SILVER LAKE: The long-awaited opening of the new Silver Lake Library on Glendale Blvd took place yesterday morning, and if the crowd is any indicator, print isn't dead quite yet. Designed by M2A Architects, the split-level library incorporates 168 solar panels on the roof and low-flow plumbing to reduce water use by 30%. According to the LA Times, the library is also "the first to use an automated book check-in and sorting system with a computerized conveyor belt that will speed book returns." Now Silver Lake residents won't have to wait too long for "Silver Lake" to be back on shelves. Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce board member Karen Numme sent over the above photos from yesterday's grand opening event and told us: "It's a fabulous space. The neighborhood turned out to welcome this necessary addition to the community. It was worth waiting for." [Curbed Staff] First image via Michael Locke

LOS ANGELES: The LA chapter of the American Institute of Architects is sponsoring a competition to select two "Young Architectural Talent" awards. Dubbed "Arch Is _____ " the competition is open to any architects working a minimum of 5 years and a maximum of 12 from the time of their graduation. Entrants are supposed to submit a dissertation about what architecture means to them, with images from their body of work. Due date is Dec 8th for registration, glory is forever. [Curbed InBox]

Silver Lake Library

2411 Glendale Blvd Los Angeles, CA