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Columbia Savings Building Is On the Chopping Block*

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Today, the Planning and Land Use Management Committee will decide whether the Columbia Savings building should torn down for that forthcoming BRE mixed-used apartment project, a development that was approved earlier this year by the Planning Commission. Given that the project, which would join all those other new apartment buildings on Wilshire, has the support of the Planning Commission, the Mayor, and City Councilman Tom LaBonge's office, it'll be a tough battle for the LA Conservancy, which has been fighting to save the 1965 building. Via the Conservancy's web site: "The Conservancy has nominated the building for listing in the California Register of Historical Resources, but the nomination will not be heard until January 2010. The Conservancy will testify at the hearing to urge the PLUM Committee to postpone its vote on the final EIR until the State Historic Resources Commission has reviewed the nomination." After the PLUM committee votes, the decision gets kicked to City Council for a final vote, but we all know that most items get decided in sub-committee. The meeting starts at 1:30 pm; we'll update the post later today. UPDATE: Columbia Savings lives another day. PLUM delayed the vote until next week.
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