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Meet the Secret Oil Rigs Lurking in Our Malls, Schools, and Nondescript Office Buildings

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Today launched its new show Uneven Terrain ("[D]evoted to urban exploration and uncovering the hidden, underground and forgotten corners of the world's leading metropolises.") with an episode on LA's hidden but still in use oil wells, hosted by native Nate Harrington. There's something somehow unsurprising in finding out that the site of the Grove has produced 20 million barrels of oil, but how did the rig at Beverly Hills High ever survive the NIMBYs ("Think of the children!")? There's some fun history on the show too (Spoiler: the guy who got Compton in the settlement lost out.), but the host seems to think West Hollywood is swallowing the rest of the city--he puts both the Beverly Center and some parts of Pico Boulevard there. Related: People invade oil rigs' territory.
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The Grove

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