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W.C. Fields' Laughlin Park Estate Hits The Market

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Earlier this year, Cecil B. De Mille's former property in Los Feliz hit the market at a jaw dropping $26 million. After a couple of pricechops, it was pulled from the market in June. Will W.C. Fields' former estate down the street fare any better? Owned by a studio exec, the 1920 four-bedroom, six-bath in Laughlin Park sits on close to an acre, and features "Scalloped ceilings, original woodwork and copper sun-room." The listing also notes the house was "completely restored to its original glory, [but] it has all the luxuries of today's technology." The house was last sold in 2004 for $4.437 million. Today's (staggering) asking price: $11 million.
· 2015 De Mille Dr Los Angeles, CA 90027 [Redfin]

2015 De Mille Dr., Los Angeles, CA