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Broad Eyes Santa Monica, Mystery City for Museum

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The Los Angeles Times reports that Eli Broad, who'd originally entertained dropping down his new art museum in Beverly Hills, is also considering Santa Monica, as well as a third unnamed city, as the site for his museum. And while everyone may know what cities are involved, the architect behind the project remains a mystery. Via the Los Angeles Times: "The conceptual drawings for the Beverly Hills museum, delivered to city officials last month, show a much bigger project than the original proposal: a 126,600-square-foot, three-story building with the footprint of an arrow pointing east.

Of that, a museum of about 43,000 square feet and an adjoining 6,100-square-foot outdoor sculpture court would occupy the top floor, compared with the first proposal's total 25,000 square feet of exhibition space. An additional 67,000 square feet would provide an "archive" for the art not on display and offices for all three Broad foundations -- for art, education and medical research."
· Eli Broad expands plans for his Westside museum [LA Times]