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No LA Pot Ban Yet, Why Can't You Be More Like Your Sister West Hollywood?

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The City Council's Planning Committee and Public Safety Committee both voted today against a measure that would have banned marijuana sales in the city (the city previously tried to stop new dispensaries from opening). The city attorney had advised they adopt the ban. The LA Times reports that about 400 people were at the four hour hearing, and that "most of the speakers were supporters of medical marijuana who became increasingly rowdy." Feel free to make your own quip about worked up marijuana-supporters.

In 2005, there were four dispensaries in Los Angeles. The LAT says now "the city attorney's office estimates there could be as many as a thousand." West Hollywood, on the other hand, has four. The LAT profiled that city's successful methods in handling medical marijuana today, just to rub LA's face in it. Their methods were severe: they "imposed a moratorium on dispensaries, clamped interim rules on the ones that were open, passed a strict ordinance and capped the number allowed at four, all within two years." But they worked: "it's been more than two years since a resident has complained about a dispensary." And as if they don't have enough smiley face stickers yet, the West Hollywood City Council unanimously passed an updated ordinance this month, and the LAT says "no residents spoke in opposition and the city's dispensary operators lined up in support." [Left image via WeHo News]
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