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Now That's A Roadside Vegetable Farm Stand

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Over the weekend, SCI-Arc held its Other New Urbanisms Symposium, an ongoing discussion meant to spur new ideas in terms of urban living (the last one looked at fantastical transit options). While a list of all the winners is scrounged up, here's a look at one of the entrants from last year (the second place winner)* via Urban Insights LA: "The Fletcher Studio, which won second place, proposed urban agricultural villages that would convert freeway embankments into terraced hillsides. Affiliated bungalow housing would be built alongside. These developments would be a new source of “green” jobs, employing farmers on a rotating, seasonal basis. Fletcher calculated that along LA’s 527 miles of freeway, there are approximately 960 acres of largely unused land that could be reclaimed as a productive landscape." Looks good, but Supervisor Gloria Molina is gonna freak about the lack of safety gates. UPDATE*: This new project is from a second place winner from last year.
· Urban Freeway Farming for LA? [Urban Insights]


960 East Third St., Los Angeles, California 90013