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Rendering/Reality: Skid Row's New Carver Apartments

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Rendering/Reality is a Curbed feature that considers the often unsubtle differences between what a building looks like in its renderings, and what it looks like when they get around to building the thing. Nominees, please.

Behold the latest project from non-profit developer Skid Row Housing Trust, the newly completed New Carver Apartments located on 17th and Hope. The red panels are from an older rendering published in the Wall Street Journal back in Dec 2007 (as well as here). Another model, published in the NY Times in 2007, showed the absence of the red panels, and the addition of a bright yellow. In the end, they kept the sawtooth pattern and went with yellow. Designed by Michael Maltzan, the building features a central circular courtyard, 95 87 residential units for homeless and disabled tenants, and on-site services such as job training and mental health counseling. According to a spokesperson at Maltzan's office, SRHT is reviewing applications now and the first batch of tenants should be moving in late November and early December. And yes, it is freeway adjacent, making it difficult to photograph from the angle in the renderings, so enjoy the close ups.
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