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WPA-Era Signs on Culver, Annenberg Space for Photography, Mid-City Question

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CULVER CITY: These signs (this one was on Culver Blvd) are probably all over the place, but it's the first time we spotted one. Save 'em for the grandkids, one day these will be collectors items. [Curbed InBox]

CENTURY CITY: This weekend saw the opening of the Annenberg Space for Photography's latest exhibition: "SPORT: Iooss and Leifer," a look at sports photography by well-known photographers Walter Iooss and Neil Leifer. And did you know the Century City building's interior space is supposed to evoke the design of a film canister? And now you do. The exhibition goes until March. [Curbed Staff]

MID-CITY: Someone help out this guy. He's having some tear down anxiety. "I live in mid-city LA in the La Brea/Washington neighborhood. Someone has torn down the gas station on La Brea and Washington. What's going to replace it along with the proposed business across the street?" [Curbed InBox]