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Mudslide in La Cañada-Flintridge Neighborhood, Could it Be Viral Marketing?

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[Still via ABC7]

After staying strong for days of downpour last month, hillsides denuded by the wildfires slid after just 20 minutes of rain last night. A site near the top of Ocean View Boulevard in La Cañada-Flintridge saw a mudslide after one to two inches of rain fell in under half an hour. ABC7 reported that crews on the scene estimated 40 to 50 tons of mud fell. The slide fell over K-rails set up before October's big storm. Nobody was hurt and nobody was evacuated (some houses self-evacuated), but the mud did block driveways and garages and part-bury some cars, according to KNX, and there was mud and water damage to some houses. We don't want to get all conspiracy theory, but 2012 opens today. We're just putting that out there.
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