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Year Later, Angels Flight Still Not Open (But Meeting Scheduled)

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Since track work began more than a year ago amidst speculation that Angels Flight would open by early 2009, it's been quite some time (ahem) since there's been any news on the Bunker Hill funicular (it's been closed since a deadly 2001 accident). The Downtown News reports that a meeting with the California Public Utilities Commission will take place a week from today in San Francisco, where Angels Flight will have to explain the procedures they'll follow in the event of an accident. The CPUC is expected to approve the plans, but there are other safety reports they're in the midst of reviewing—the mini-railway can't open until CPUC gives the green light. Meanwhile, Angels Flight twitter feed has no mention of the meeting, but there's chatter (ostensibly between the railway's two cars: Olivet and Sinai) about how a monument to the city's bicentennial was proposed for the top of Angels Flight back in '81. Via Go California
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