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West Hollywood's Prism Gallery Makes Openings More Fun

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Following a glimpse of the exterior of the Prism art gallery/cultural center at 8746 Sunset Blvd in West Hollywood, here's a look at the inside of the building, which was designed by Los Angeles-based PATTERNS Architects. Last night the gallery had an opening for its debut exhibition, "Mind the Gap," a show by graffiti/street artists Barry McGee and Phil Frost (naturally, the event included a automated mannequin spray-painting a wall). And what a fun and glamorous crowd came out last night (everyone from surfer Kelly Slater to French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld). But back to the talk of architecture: There's lots to like in the two-story space, but the best part is probably three-level roof area. Meanwhile, the gallery, founded by artist/photographer PC Valmorbida, is also hosting the after-party for the big MOCA gala tomorrow night. And here's Valmorbida talking to WWD: "“When I first came to Los Angeles, it struck me that there was less activity here than in New York and there was some room for a place like this,” he says. “I want to attract a lot of young people. It’s not your conventional, stuffy art gallery.”
· Prism Gallery: Mind the Gap [Freshness Magazine]

8746 Sunset blvd, west hollywood