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Even More Condos Coming to Sawtelle Corridor?

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The boom of new residential development going up around Sawtelle has been well-documented, with at least six projects either under construction or just completed (there's the British duo of Soho Square and St. John's Wood; T-Lofts, Exposition Avenue; the rental at Mississippi; and an unnamed project across the street just west of Soho Square). Add what looks to be a seventh building. At Beloit and Missouri---right near Sawtelle, and quite snug against the 405 Freeway--groundclearing work is underway. Who knows the time frame for actual construction and completion, but the developer is listed as Beloit Associates LLC, the address is 1929 Beloit, and it looks like they filed an application with the city to build a 63-unit condominium (that number may have changed, and perhaps they are now apartments). And if we're looking at Google maps correctly, it looks like a white apartment-looking building was knocked down for this new guy.

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