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Another Hollywood Blvd Arrest, And Superhero Community Can Only Ask, Why?

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[Image on right via LA Times; Chewbacca arrest in 2007]
Covering yesterday's arrest of Spider-Man on Hollywood Boulevard (the performer "allegedly slugged a man") the Los Angeles Times rounds up all the arrests and sordid stories related to those superhero impersonators who work the boulevard. It sounds like all these characters are fairly miserable.

"Two years ago, authorities convened a "superhero summit" designed to reduce tensions among the performers. The meeting was prompted in part by an incident in which LAPD officers arrested a "Star Wars" street performer in his furry brown Chewbacca costume for allegedly head-butting a tour guide who complained about the impersonator's treatment of Japanese tourists. In other incidents, actors dressed as the superhero Mr. Incredible, Elmo the Muppet and the dark-hooded character from the movie "Scream" were arrested for aggressive begging. A man dressed as the horror film character Freddy Krueger was also taken into custody for allegedly stabbing someone, although no charges were filed."

Aggressive begging, people.
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