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Element Auction Will Include Other People's Kitchens

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There's now an extensive web site for Marina Del Rey's Element project, that condo development set to hit the auction block on December 13th. All the prices are listed, and here's some examples of what they're asking: A 1,270 square foot unit that was $779,990 is now $375,000, while a 1,660 square foot unit that was asking $1.516 million is now $515,000. Some of the units come with the staged furniture--the web site has a whole breakdown of what furnishings come with what unit. Download the list here. For instance, unit 209 has a bed, various artwork, four beige leather chairs (that look nice), and much, much more. Additionally, we're told that some of units have washer/dryers, kitchen islands, and other upgrades that were purchased by previous buyers who ultimately fell out of escrow. In other words, that kitchen island that a young mom from Marina Del Rey spent time picking out at the sales center last fall? Now it's yours.

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