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Bundy Village Moving Forward?*

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If you read that story about the long-planned Bundy Village Medical Plaza proposed for Olympic Boulevard and Bundy Drive, you might have secretly thought, "This thing is never going to get funded and break ground." Now the Stop Bundy Village people bring news of an upcoming City Planning hearing scheduled for November 18th. Via the blog: "As anyone who travels through this gridlocked area knows, a project of this size would bring traffic in the area to a complete standstill." UPDATE* A representative for the developer takes issue with the Stop Bundy Village's claim of traffic increases and issued the following statement this afternoon. "We strongly urge anyone in the area who is concerned about the traffic to look at the final EIR and see what specific traffic mitigations are proposed--everything from exclusive right turn only lanes to new left turn signal phasing at major intersections to substantial improvements on the Bundy Drive onramp and offramp from the I-10." So there you go. [SBV]