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PriceChopper: How Badly Do You Want to Live in Silver Lake?

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A lot of first-time homeowners who'd like to settle in Silver Lake can't afford it, and ultimately end up buying in Echo Park, Eagle Rock, or Highland Park. For those holdouts who simply must have a Silver Lake bungalow, here's your starter home. Just a mere 672 square feet, this two-bedroom, one-bath is asking $270,000, down from its previous asking price of $300,000. And it's an all cash deal. The lot is 2,221 square feet, so that's what you're really buying. It's located on a hill on Effie, north of Sunset. "Amazing opportunity at the top of Effie. Fix-up or tear down. North of Sunset, great views! 2BR, 1BA Spanish bungalow loaded with potential. Major Fixer. Must be all cash offer."
· 3633 EFFIE St [Redfin]