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Tejon Got Served—New Lawsuit for Mega Project

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The mega development planned for Tejon Ranch can't catch a break—and that's music to the ears of many. The AP via the San Jose Mercury-News reports that a group of environmentalists filed a suit today to stop the smaller of two developments planned for the Tejon Ranch area (the largest piece of privately-owned land in the state), saying the approved project in Kern County will not only exacerbate air pollution, but stress the water supply, and possibly kill the California condor. Project details of the development: 3,500 homes, two golf courses, and a resort hotel in the Tehachapi Mountains. (The other portion, the 23,000-home Centennial project, is undergoing an environmental review process). Last year, developers of the project hoped to appease environmentalists by agreeing to conserve more than 90 percent of the 270,000 acres. Back to the drawing board?
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