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DestructionWatch: Wilshire and La Jolla Comes Down

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Until the money comes back, the city is just going to have to live with a lot of parking lots. Worried about vagrants moving in, developer Hanover Co recently torn down a handful of retail buildings (including a psychic emporium!) at the corner of Wilshire and La Jolla, just east of Beverly Hills. (Since these photos were taken, spaces for a parking lot have been painted.) All the retail vacated about a year ago, and eventually Hanover plans to put up a 16-story residential/retail tower on the site. The project is fully entitled and just waiting on financing, according to Ryan Hamilton, project manager at Hanover Co. But until that happens (and there's no timeframe), the site will operate as a parking lot. The Houston-based developer also owns another property just a block and a half away at Wilshire and Crescent Heights, although that project isn't entitled yet. No word on where the psychic is now.
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