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New to Market: What is Going on With This House in Windsor Hills?

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This listing is disorienting, and not just because that exterior picture makes it look like the house has suffered through a very localized earthquake. If it's one level, why is there a room with a staircase in it? The kitchen and bathroom look fairly new, but why would you update a bathroom to look like it's in a junior high? The current asking price is just over half the 2007 sale price, but there's no mention of a short sale. Anyway, the outdoor space looks lovely. The house has two bedrooms, one and a half bathrooms, a dining room, three fireplaces, and a two car garage. That outdoor space includes three decks, a gazebo, a wet bar, and a firepit and outdoor fireplace. The house last sold in 2007 for $765,000, so why is it now listed at $393,900? Well, it's still a little higher than neighborhood comps.
· 5009 VALLEYDALE Ave [Redfin]

5009 Valleydale Ave. Los Angeles, CA