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Looking to Change Laws, Marijuana Group Targets Beverly Hills

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Arriving just as the push to legalize marijuana in California gains traction, the National Organization to Reform Marijuana Law (NORML), announced yesterday its opening a new chapter in Beverly Hills. They launched a new site at And here's their tag line: "Working to Reform Marijuana Laws in Beverly Hills." What's that mean, exactly? Cheryl Shuman, spokesperson for the grassroots group, cited everything from trying to change jail times for marijuana possession to stopping City Attorney Carmen Trutanich from shutting down dispensaries. She also said the group would be looking for celebrity support. There's no office or anything, so it would seem the chapter is more symbolic than anything else. But if a bunch of people in black shirts ask you to join arms with them on Rodeo Drive (they've already got that woman on the left), you know who they are.
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