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New Signs Helpfully and Lightly Delineate Gallery Row

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It took a little longer than expected, but the new Gallery Row signs have finally gone up on light posts in the district (we reported in June 2008 that they'd be up by the end up of that year). The signs are brought to you by the Community Redevelopment Agency's Art Program and the Historic Core Business Improvement District, and were designed by architecture and design firm Durfee | Regn and graphic designer Brian Roettinger. The markers are only 5 inches high, but 12 feet long, and are meant to create a dashed line around the area (like a classy Family Circus cartoon). Both sides are marked so that they're useful to both pedestrians and drivers. To stay in line with city code (which says signs have to be less than 15 pounds), they're made out of space-age honeycomb panels. The First Art Walk with the new signs takes place this Thursday.

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