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CurbedWire: Westfield Culver City, West LA Hole Achieved

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CULVER CITY: A tipster sends in this photo to Racked LA , writing: "Goodbye Fox Hills Mall, hello Westfield Culver City which is mostly open starting this week. While the inside has some nice, modern airy spaces, the exterior of the mall is a joke. It shits all over Sepulveda and the 405 with its obnoxious signage and supergraphics. Subtle is it not!" Indeed. Nothing subtle here, Mister. [Curbed InBox]

WEST LA: Hole in the ground achieved! The dirt is moving at that forthcoming mixed-use project in West LA, now officially the one project in Los Angeles that has broken ground in the last couple of months. This site formerly housed a one-story structure for the National Council of Jewish Women. [Curbed InBox]