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Ready to Exit, Police Chief Bratton Also Ready to Re-List

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A tipster passes on word that Chief Police Bratton, who has been unable to sell his Los Feliz home, has delisted the residence. Indeed. It's no longer on the market. According to our source, it's expected the 1964 home will hit the market next week, listed with a new agent. Meanwhile, need more evidence that Bratton never liked LA? Courtesy of KPCC:

Here’s how the chief responded when someone in the audience asked about his first impressions when he landed in L.A. 'What surprised me was, one, just how big this city was, and two, how neighborhood-centric it was, that despite people moving around this city on freeways, people identify more with their neighborhoods than with the city as a whole. Other cities I’ve lived in – Boston, New York – while there’s great pride in the neighborhoods, they still think of themselves as New Yorkers or Bostonians.' The chief suggested that Los Angeles needs more civic pride." Curbed suggests the chief get out a bigger PriceChopper.
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