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More Condos for Hollywood, Meet the Metropol

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Close to both the Columbia Square project and Roscoe's House of Chicken, meet Metropol, a 41-unit project at 6001 Carlton (between Sunset and Hollywood boulevards). Last night, there was a big launch party for the project, which was designed by RSA Architects and developed by Tanner White, the same group behind the Lorcan O'Herlihy Willoughby project. Ah, but prices you ask. There are one and two-bedrooms--the 920 square foot one-bedrooms start at $525,000, while the most expensive unit is a 1,240 square foot two-bedroom that's asking $749,000. And there are five floor plans. In terms of new construction condo buildings, there hasn't been a huge number open in the last year. There was the Hollywood, which is now heavily concentrating on leasing, while the Hollywood W is forthcoming.
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6001 carlton way, los angeles