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Fall MAK Tour: Ain's Avenel Cooperative Housing*

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The MAK Center's Fall Home Tour took place over the weekend, so all week we'll be highlighting houses from the event, which centered around Los Feliz and Silver Lake.

The last stop on the Sunday's MAK Tour was Gregory Ain's 1947 Avenel Cooperative Housing in Silver Lake. Back in March, one of the corner units went on the market for $695,000; by May it sold for $685,000. That unit, as well as three others in the ten-unit building were open to the public. Pictured above are three of the units. The development was an experiment in cooperative living, built for ten families who each contributed $11,000 towards their communist utopia. Each of the units seem to feature the same basic floor plan, but feature sliding partition walls that allow for a flexible configuration. The housing development has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places since 2005. UPDATED: The owner's name of one of the units was removed at her request. Additionally, Curbed took photos of that corner unit that recently sold but it wasn't on the MAK tour, and we shouldn't have included it in the photo set. Our apologies to the owners of the unit.
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