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CurbedWire: Columbia Savings Question, SCI-Arc Honors Architects Siegal and Bestor

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MID-WlLSHIRE: A reader writes: "Hi guys - Do you know anything about why construction fences are going up around Columbia Savings building at Wilshire and La Brea? The City Council has yet to certify the EIR for the proposed replacement project, and there's a nomination pending for listing in the California Register." It's been proposed that the Columbia Savings building be torn down for that forthcoming BRE mixed-used project. A rep for BRE has the answer. "We are securing the site to help prevent vandals and vagrants from breaking into the building," he writes. "This has become an issue lately." Seems like it's an issue across the city. [Curbed InBox]

DOWNTOWN: Let's hear it for the ladies. SCI-Arc is planning on recognizing the achievements of two of its female alumni, Jennifer Siegal, founder of Office of Mobile Design, and Barbara Bestor. Both women graduated from SCI-Arc in the 1990s. Siegal is perhaps best known for her pre-fab work, and Bestor, who designed Intelligentsia in Silver Lake, is now the chair of Woodbury University's new Graduate School of Architecture. The two will be honored at SCI-Arc's Alumni Awards on Nov 5th. [Curbed InBox]


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