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Dubious Claims? Silver Lake is the New Williamsburg

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Via TikTik and LADodgeball. LA's got better legs, obvs.

It was wayyyy back in September 2008 that the New York Times declared that "Silver Lake [is] the Los Angeles counterpart to Brooklyn’s Williamsburg." (It was a statement that made us raise our eyebrows and say, Really. Not Echo Park. Not anywhere else? Silver Lake. OK, Gray Lady. Not. Entirely. Agreeing.) And now the Hollywood Reporter reports that Juno's Ellen Page will write and produce a new HBO television comedy about two hipster chicks who ditch Willamsburg for Silver Lake in an effort to become artists. So what exactly are we going to see on the screen? If those Williamsburg kickball matches are replaced by Silver Lake dodgeball matches, you'll know the TV producers have done their homework. And if those awesome Williamsburg pool concert parties are replaced by, uh, walks around Silver Lake's cue ball-stocked reservoir, you'll know those producers are at least trying. And real estate-wise, Williamsburg's half-finished empty condo towers have a friend in Silver Lake's empty Ivan Hill townhomes. Ah, so many parallels.

Meanwhile, television-wise, LA's eastern neighborhoods aren't usually captured on television—the dreadful Denise Richards vehicle Sex, Lies, and Secrets (originally titled Silver Lake) was mercifully canceled after one season. America's view of LA is much more beachy and bitchy thanks to shows like 90210, Melrose Place, Californication, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Entourage, and Two and a Half Men.
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