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Plaza at Valley Glen Will Bring Americana-ish Experience Slightly Further West

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The City Council's Planning and Land Use Management committee approved plans this week to demo the Victory Plaza Shopping Center in Valley Glen and put up a 12 acre mixed-use development in its place. Developer Dasher/Lawless's project is called The Plaza at the Glen, and does it look a little familiar? It was designed by Richard Sawyer, one of those responsible for the look of Rick Caruso's Grove and The Commons at Calabasas (the Valley Glen project even comes with a trolley). The Plaza will consist of ten buildings holding 150 condos, 140,000 square feet of retail, a 230 room hotel, a theater complex, a gym, a market, and office space on top of a four-level underground garage. In a savvy move, there are also plans for a transit plaza over the Tujunga Wash that will connect the DASH with the Orange Line. The project is adjacent to the developer's under construction The Glen at Valley Glen, which includes 100 condos, retail, and office space on four acres.
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