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Curbed Poll: "Urban Oasis" Near West Hollywood

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Might this two-bedroom, two-bath actually be a bargain? It's listing price is lower than neighborhood comps. The listing boasts the property is "totally turnkey" and "offers an amazing opportunity to buy a house for the price of a condo," although it does acknowledge it needs a fresh coat of paint. We're guessing that's in reference to the Lakers-themed purple and yellow living and bedrooms? The house is hidden behind a hedge, useful for hiding from the traffic on Fairfax. There's also a Wolf range in the kitchen, a fireplace in the living room, and a spiral staircase to the roof. The garage has been converted to a guest house/office. The house was last sold in Jan 2001 for $355,000. Today's asking price is $595,000 or $583 per square foot (neighborhood comps are about $40 more per square foot). Listing is here.