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New To Market: Mid-Century Modern In Hollywood Hills

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The listing for this two-bedroom, two-bath in the hills above Sunset Plaza calls it "quintessential L.A. mid-century modern" and we tend to agree. Although we find all the stark white interiors a little jarring, especially since it's owned by a celebrity stylist/clothing designer. It feels a little Mondrian-Hotel-circa-1999. Still, we'd love to have a cocktail near that pool. The listing notes the home's "simple floor plan features walls of glass providing a seamless indoor/outdoor flow." There's also polished cement floors, and that amazing fireplace separating the living and dining rooms. The house has a bit of an odd sales history--it was sold in Sept 1992 for $535,000 then jumped up to an insane $3.818 million in 1997. The next time it was sold, in April 2002, it was back down to $1.095 million. In Feb 2006 it was sold for $1.8 million and today's asking price is $1.895 million or $739 per square foot. The 1997 sale must have totally thrown the curve on neighborhood comps.
· 1479 Rising Glen Rd Los Angeles, CA 90069 [Redfin]

Sunset Plaza

8623 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90069