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Fall MAK Tour: Soriano's Schrage House and Ellwood's Moore House

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The MAK Center's Fall Home Tour took place over the weekend, so all week we'll be highlighting houses from the event, which centered around Los Feliz and Silver Lake.

Today we're looking at the two Los Feliz homes on last Sunday's MAK architecture tour. The first is architect Raphael Soriano's 1952 Schrage House. The house is the only 1950s steel Soriano house that is still close to its original state, although it was renovated in the mid-1980s with Soriano's input. Poor Soriano--his architecture was overshadowed by the impressive train set and waterfall in the backyard. The other Los Feliz home on the tour was Craig Ellwood's 1965 Moore House, a Miesian concrete and wood building, reminiscent of the Farnsworth House. Owned by the bassist in a popular pop rock band, the house is essentially a light-filled glass box, with an open living room bookended by the master bedroom on one end, and the office and media room on the other. The doors between the kitchen and living/dining areas swing open to connect the spaces or can be closed for more formal occasions. Similarly, the wall on the other end of the living room features hidden storage spaces behind hinged doors. The landscaping at this house was particularly impressive, with multiple water features and sitting areas, lending the house its treehouse vibe.
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