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CurbedWire: Talking Subway Stations, Celebrating Sukkot

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LOS ANGELES: It's getting fun: the latest round of meetings regarding the Wilshire subway extension "will be tailored for the specific station locations in the area. Members of the public are encouraged to attend the meeting that reflects their particular interest," declares Metro in a new press release. "These 'roll-up-your sleeves' meetings will provide stakeholders an opportunity to review and discuss station locations and entrances, connections to and from the stations, and other issues." We predict the Miracle Mile meeting on October 26 at LACMA will be the most interesting, since Metro is considering axing the Crenshaw station from the proposed route. [Curbed Inbox]

LOS ANGELES: It's Sukkot, the Jewish harvest festival, and as part of their Fed Up With Hunger campaign, the Jewish Federation is setting up sukkahs (temporary thatched huts, above) around the city. Tonight they'll be at the Northridge Farmers Market passing out snacks and collecting food donations. Tomorrow they're collaborating with kids at the Para Los Niños Charter School downtown to build and decorate a sukkah, where they'll hold a communal dinner with kids and adults from all over LA (RSVP to There's also a food drive screening of Ghostbusters at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery on Sunday--five cans of food for the Federation gets you all the Stay-Puft you can handle. [Curbed Inbox]