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Fall AIA/LA Home Tour: LeanArch's KDC-02

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In addition to the Silver Lake MAK Tour, the AIA/LA Home Tour was held this weekend in Manhattan Beach. The home tour madness continues...

KDC-02 by James Meyer of LeanArch is just a little over a quarter mile from the Rogers-Sturz Residence, in the same quiet beach neighborhood. Meyer grew up in the South Bay and wanted to create a series of model homes that showed a high end, beach lifestyle could be had in a house that was also livable, sustainable, and responsible with regards to land and energy use. In 2007 he designed Kuhlhaus 01 for a 30 by 45 foot lot in downtown Manhattan Beach. KDC-02 (aka Kuhlhaus 02) is bigger (four bedrooms and four bathrooms) and has more green technology: its solar panels can generate electricity for a family of five, and solar panels heat water that's circulated through the house to provide radiant heat. A glass wall on the south side can be kept closed to hold in warmth, or opened to draw cool air in. The Swiss Cheese staircase helps air flow all the way through the house (It's colored what Meyer calls "construction orange" just because he wanted to have a little fun.). While KDC-02 is modern, Meyer says he was also inspired by the 1920s and '30s beach bungalows in the area. And he wanted the house to be open to the neighborhood--all the outdoor spaces are on the perimeter, including a glass-walled courtyard that faces out toward the street and the elementary school across the way.
· LeanArch [Official Site]