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Compton's Cressey-Gonzales Park Getting Facelift

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[Via KPCC]
Compton is getting spruced up, according to KPCC, which reports that Cressey-Gonzales Park and Jackie Robinson Stadium are both getting upgrades. Money for the stadium, currently used for high school games and pick-up games, and a site that's long spawned major league baseball talent, is being partially provided by the Dodgers and Angels. Local blogger Jasmyne Cannick tells us that expected renovations for the park also include new boys and girls baseball fields, a gym, pool, and food court. Ground should be broken before the end of the year, with work completed by the 2010 baseball season. Compton Mayor Eric J. Perrodin tells KPCC that with projects like the park, "they're trying to change the negative image of the city of Compton." In keeping with that goal, Compton just reopened its Raymond Street Park, Cannick reports.
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